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What Our Customers Say About Us:

Our day would not have been possible without Gracefully Yours Events. They were super amazing to work with and always answered all inquiries very efficiently. They went above and beyond to make sure our day went without any glitches. Even though we only had Gracefully Yours Events as a day of wedding planner, they provided us with timelines and vendor suggestions months before. They really helped to bring our vision together from helping us throughout the planning process and making sure our day of went smoothly. The day of our wedding we did not have to worry about a thing as they were there bright and early and taking care of everything! I would highly recommend Gracefully Yours Events to anyone getting married!! 

--- Saira & Faisal


"To my long time friend, Janis, who I met in junior kindergarten, also known as my Wedding Event Planner.  We have always managed to pick up where we left off without any excuses for the time lost in between.  In such a short period of time and with a whole lot of uncertainty, you have managed to pull together a successful and fruitful evening.  You basically took on my wedding even though you were going through your own physical healing and taking it with such love & grace.  It is no wonder that your event planning business would be known as “gracefully yours.”  I hope that through your experience in organizing my wedding, that you come to realize no matter how much we plan, that God will intervene. I hope He has brought you not only a deeper meaning to your name but also to revel in the power in what one can do through Him.  The time lost is the time gained...time with Him through others.  I can only hope that you’ll acknowledge Him as the most Sovereign Wedding Event Planner.  Again, thank you for your thorough work from beginning to end. 


“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

Revelation 22:13 NIV


With love, hope, and joy..."


View their Wedding Day Video by Opposite Imaginations

--- Joy & Danny

"Our wedding was a moment in time that we will cherish forever. With Janis’ wedding planning services, it really helped us to be organized for our special day and to just enjoy our time while she did the all the work in the backend to make our magical moment come to life without any hiccups! From the lists to follow of which vendor was responsible for what and when, lining up our bridal party of how to walk down the aisle, to taking photos and reception games she helped us with so much! We couldn’t thank Janis more and appreciate all that she did for our wedding!"


--- May and Warren

“Louisa and I consider ourselves quite organized.  We thought we gave ourselves enough time to sit down and plan everything for our special day.  Needless to say, we were a little overwhelmed. 

We called Janis, and she sat down with us, got us organized and our Wedding Day went perfectly.

Thank You Janis, without you our memories of our special day would have been cluttered with stress and chaos.”


--- Louisa & Kahn

“Having Janis Williams as my day of wedding coordinator was a God send!  I am so pleased with Janis’ level of professionalism, her hyper organization skills, her attention to detail and her knowledge to answer all the questions I had.


I get overwhelmed easily but knowing Janis was here for me, definitely alleviated my stress level. I was especially grateful for Janis acting as the conduit to all my vendors and anyone who needed an answer; Janis was there to help answer it. Janis did a great job at putting out any fires (there wasn’t any – that I know of, but if there was Janis did not let me know about it!)


Janis was very good at reviewing my day of schedule prior to my wedding and making the necessary edits. She also gave me a lot of helpful suggestions and tips to ensure the day was smooth sailing.


 I highly recommend Janis, she is such a nice and sweet person. Having her as part of my wedding contributed to the perfection of the day.” 


--- Catherine & Ryan



"Janis was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was our on-site coordinator the day/evening of our wedding. She was very attentive to our needs, and was very easy to talk to. In our very first meeting, we had stressed to Janis the importance of remaining on schedule and completing the evening program on time and she (along with our DJ and Emcee) did just that, we couldn't have been happier! Our guests, including myself and my husband were on the dance floor by 10pm, which is the exact time we mentioned to Janis during our very first meeting. We were also quite impressed with Janis' attention to detail. I have organized a few events in the past and I actually thought I was pretty organized until we met Janis. Prior to meeting with her (about 4 months before the wedding date) my husband and I had thought we had things under control and the minor details all taken care – boy were we wrong! She walked us through every little detail from the time we would wake up to the very last hour of the evening and we noticed so many things that were outstanding still. Although it was all overwhelming at the time, Janis always found a way to keep us at ease. So thankfully to Janis, she came to the rescue just at the perfect time. Also, It was comforting to see her throughout the day as she always knew what to do and say to keep us calm and she always reassured us she had everything under control. If there were any hiccups during our wedding day, we didn't know about them, as she looked after it all. My husband and I agree that it turned out to be the perfect day! Janis, thank you for all your help – it was the best day of our lives and we couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!!"


View their Wedding Day Video by LaPointe Productions


--- Jazel & Angelo



“I was blown away at the level of professionalism and detail-orientation I received from Janis Williams from Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings.  I would joke with my new husband, that I was going to receive my next “honey to do list” from Janis, which came from the number of things that I need to accomplish after each meeting with her.  She was always on the ball.  Always considering several scenarios for each situation and always thinking of things that I wouldn’t have even known to bring up for discussion.  And on the day of the wedding, she was my eyes and ears for the big day; and handled all the details of the wedding, which I frankly did not want to have to deal with.  She was friendly, professional and made the day go by seamlessly, without my new husband or I having to deal with any last minute incidents. Being able to sit back and enjoy my wedding, knowing that all the large and minor details were being taken care of is priceless.  We both really want to thank Janis Williams and Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings for making our wedding one of the best days of our lives!”


--- Suzanne and Vince

“We were engaged for a year and half before deciding on what to do for our wedding. Should we plan a destination wedding or should we have it in Toronto? The choices were overwhelming and I was stressed just thinking about it!


That's when Janis stepped in. She asked great questions, offered great ideas on how to save money and made everything seem less overwhelming. We really needed and appreciated her professionalism, organization skills and detail orientation.


On our wedding day, Janis took charge, managing all the details so we could relax and enjoy our special day. Everything went smoothly and our wedding turned out to be better than we had ever imagined.


We could not have pulled off our memorable, light-hearted, fun and elegant wedding without the help of Janis!”


--- Carol & Doug

"A friendly face, positive attitude and professionalism are just a few of the many great qualities you will receive if you obtain Janis' planning services.  Our wedding was perfect and we owe many thanks to Janis!  She ensured us that we had nothing to worry about and the challenges presented on our wedding day went unnoticed.  The entire day went very smoothly, on schedule and without a hitch.  Thank you for making our wedding day as unforgettable and perfect as it was."



--- Eric and Ethel (Host on Gadget Girlz)


"Our wedding day would not have been complete without Janis Williams! Her keen eye for detail and calm demeanor in the face of any challenge not only impressed us but all of our guests. The comfort of knowing that Janis was there to make sure everything went off without out a hitch kept us organized and most of all relaxed on our special day! Janis is friendly and professional and has a true passion for her work that is second to none. Any couple in the city getting married should have Janis' number on speed dial..."

--- Andre & Marianne Macatangay (Former CityTV reporter, and now a reporter for GlobalTV News at 11pm)


"Thank you Janis for your time and support in finding us a fabulous videographer!  Ryan Buan from RB Productions was the perfect match for us.  You truly knew what we were looking for and we appreciate your dedication in getting us a suitable package and a wonderful team of talented artists."


--- Veronica and Jason

“Janis Williams provided great service as our Wedding Coordinator and we highly recommend her.  She was very thorough in her research for vendors and always provided us with options, pertaining to our budget and personal preferences.  She was well organized, timely, dependable and always available to confirm arrangements or answer our questions.  We thank Janis for contributing in making our special day run smoothly!”

--- Zeena and Duane

"Janis was extremely helpful in planning our wedding day.  She provided so many valuable recommendations and she always kept us on budget and organized.  Specifically, Janis was able to offer us fantastic entertainment in a short period of time - at an affordable rate.  Our friends and family still talk about what a great time they had at our wedding --- years later!  Many thanks to Janis!"



--- Micheline and Craig

Social Events

"Janis is definitely the expert when it comes to weddings and events coordination.  I thought I already knew everything what I needed for this occasion but I was wrong.  She knows all the details even the last minute ones to complete the event.  Very knowledgeable, very organized, very caring and very personal in terms of handling her clients.  The customer service, she rendered is truly excellent!!!!  We are one of those very satisfied client here and will definitely recommend to all our relatives and friends!

Thank you Janis!"


--- Gina and Jose

If you’re looking for an event planner that will meet all your wishes, Janis is the girl for you! Everything that we wanted for my 18th birthday came to life because of Janis.  Janis was the first event planner we met with, due to the skills she presented we knew she was the one for us.  When hiring an event planner, you want someone who cannot only make your event come to life, but as well as make the day of stress-free.  In the months of planning, Janis continuously kept us up-to-date with decoration ideas, assisted in finding a hair and makeup stylist, communicated with the DJ our playlists, seating plans and furthermore.  With that, the day of the event happened with an ease.  The itinerary was perfectly followed minute-to-minute, all thanks to Janis.  Not only making the night lovely for us, but as well as our guest.  By hiring Janis, Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings, you will be hiring an event planner that will go above and beyond to make everything you want for your event to happen, while staying in your budget!


-- Yanelle


I wanted to say “THANK YOU” for all of the help that Janis has done in organizing my daughter’s debut (18th Birthday)!

Everyone had an amazing time and I’m really pleased with everything.  My daughter was so happy because her special day became very unforgettable.

Once again, on behalf of my entire family and I, we would like to say THANK YOU very much to Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings!



--- Venus L.

I recently celebrated my 70th birthday with the help of Janis Williams.  She said that she is very happy to help me.  From then on, everything went smoothly.  She is very patient and accommodating with what I want and any changes that I asked her.


My stress with the preparation was relieved greatly because of her help and ideas the party went smoothly.  My guests were impressed with how the occasion went so well.  Overall, it was a successful, enjoyable and unforgettable celebration with my family, relatives and friends.  And I thank Janis Williams, my event planner from Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings for a job well done!


--- Lita C. 

"Janis made our son's Baptism reception the most stress-free social event we have ever hosted! As the on-site coordinator, Janis was very calm, friendly, creative and at the same time completely straightforward, organized, efficient and professional. We highly recommend her for any social event or function. She helped us in so many ways, a few examples include: sending helpful tips for preparing a to-do-list ahead of time, coordinating the caterers/staff on site, and designing plus personally arranging beautiful fresh floral centerpieces. She was absolutely a pleasure to work with. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you Janis at Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings!"

--- David & Melissa

"Janis will forever be known to me as a life saver. This was the very first formal celebration that I have hosted and without her expertise, I would have cracked under the pressure. Janis was there every step of the way to make sure I kept on track and that I was paying attention to little details that I would not have thought to pay attention to by myself. She always made sure to keep in constant contact with me so as to remind me of what needed to be done.
To understand the great extent to which Janis assisted me, it is important to note what a debut is. A debut is when a Filipino girl turns eighteen, in other words, it is a girl's transition into womanhood. In a traditional debut, the girl's cotillion (a selection of important friends, similar to groomsmen and bridesmaids) performs a dance. Since I did not want to burden my friends and take up a lot of their time, I decided to do a fashion show instead. Now, this is where Janis especially helped me. She helped me to choreograph the whole fashion show, made sure that everyone was with their corresponding partners, and made sure that the partners were in the right order. During the night of, Janis was even present back stage to inform the partners of the correct timing of when to walk. Throughout the whole Cotillion Fashion Show, she was very calm and patient with my crazy friends and I. Another tradition of the average debut is called the Eighteen Roses and Candles. The debutante picks eighteen boys and eighteen girls who are close to her to perform this tradition (the guys hold a rose each and the girls hold a candle each). Generally, the roses(boys) each hand the debutante their rose and then proceed to dance with her and the candles say a greeting to the debutante and place their candles beside or around the cake. There is a lot of variation in different debuts as to how this ceremony is performed and I have to credit Janis wholly for how the Eighteen Roses and Candles ceremony at my debut was performed. She proposed a plan to me, detail by detail, and I had to use it because of its originality. Janis has many creative, useful, and affordable ideas. Not only did she give me the unique plan for the Eighteen Candles and Roses, but she also made sure they were in their correct order and that they walked at the correct time.
Generally speaking, I believe Janis was the determining factor that led my debut to become a great success. Not only did everything run right on schedule, but Janis added in a few extra surprises to make my special night even more special. For example, for the Eighteen Roses and Candles, at the end, she had my father come out and dance with me as my nineteenth rose! It was an added bonus and I was extremely grateful for it because beforehand my dad had made it clear to me that he absolutely would not make a speech or dance with me because he was embarrassed and shy. Furthermore, the only speech was supposed to be my “Thank You” speech however, Janis had also worked out the schedule, with my mother and grandmother, for them to say a few special words and for this I was very surprised. The surprises did not stop there! As one last special surprise, Janis had my very talented aunt perform for me. Although there were so many surprises, the program still ran according to schedule and everyone was on the dance floor by 8:45pm as planned.
If you are going to book an event planner, book Janis Williams because she always makes sure the event runs according to schedule and she allows for the celebrant to be stress-free and to genuinely enjoy his/her special night. Not only did I enjoy my night, but all my friends and family commented on how smoothly the night went and how fast the dance floor opened. Some of them even went so far as to say that it was the best party they had been to ever! Truly, I am very grateful to Janis for her much needed help and her enormous contribution to the best night of my life thus far. Thank you so very much, once again! I could never thank you enough!"
-- Jessa 

"Our family had such a smooth and successful wedding with the support of Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings, that two years later, we wanted to use Janis’ service again for the baby shower.   The mother-to-be wanted a more personal at home shower.   Janis assisted from the initial invite, and kept on top following through until we had all responses.   On the actual day of the event, 45 people attended our small suburban home.   Janis reassured me throughout the organizing that was room for everyone; they’d be comfortable and would have fun.    Well she was right, with Janis help everything went off smoothly and on time.  Timing is everything when planning an event.  Janis has the ability to execute all activities – dinner, games, gift presentation, and photo op’s all on time and in such a pleasing friendly manner.  The baby shower was a huge success; all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  It was a wonderful day that was a pleasure to host because I knew it would be stress free knowing I was in good hands with Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings." 


---Maureen, grandmother to be

"Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings services for the recent bridal shower was one of the best decisions made with the overwhelming amount of organizing.


Planning a wedding and all the aspects that go along with it can be overwhelming.  Having Gracefully Yours Events and Weddings services for the bridal shower was one of the best decisions made.  From the moment of walking into Janis’ chosen venue we automatically felt transformed into a room beautifully and tastefully decorated for the occasion.  Janis’ direction of the bridal party had each young lady understanding her role for the day so everything from the welcoming and introductions to goodbyes were natural and smooth.  There were no awkward moments of standing around, not knowing if to sit, where to sit, or what to do.  Although, we had two cultures coming together, there definitely was a selection of food provided for everyone, with an opportunity of tasting and trying something new for anyone who wished.  Janis’ experience and know-how always kept in mind the importance of staying within a realistic budget.  The best part of the day came from the games Janis had organized.  These games had everyone up and moving about and mingling and meeting each other, sometimes for the first time.  The room was filled with laughter, and everyone had an absolute wonderful time. 


We had asked Janis for her assistance with the bridal shower after having her involved with the engagement party.  Everyone had such a terrific time at the engagement party, men and women alike.  Janis was so successful at bringing the two families together that we knew we would be in great hands for the bridal shower." 


----Maureen, mother of the groom.

"Both Zoe and I would like to thank you for making her Sweet 16th Birthday party a huge success.  As we embarked on this exercise, I had no idea what was entailed to plan a 16th birthday party.  Janis came to the rescue in the nick of time, identifying all the things I needed to be aware of.

Details such as the type of music, the amount of food to prepare for teenagers, the decor, the Signature drink (an added touch that Janis recommended) and the logistics of speeches, cutting of the cake and accommodating the dance performers.  Janis chose the perfect DJ for this specific audience.  The crowd ABSOLUTELY  loved him!!!


The teenagers enjoyed themselves thoroughly, given the music and the ambience of the banquet hall.  Janis was very intuitive in terms of knowing when to dim lights, when to queue the start of the food, and what made the crowd "ticked".  She oversaw everything with great calm.


Comments from Zoe's friends were:  well planned event; things went smoothly; and everything was done professionally.


Once again, many thanks for what you did during the planning process and staying through part of the event.  We would highly recommend Janis for planning any such events, she was absolutely fantastic!"


---Dawn, mother of Zoe

"Our engagement party was a hit! We had a few requests (i.e. type of food, type of atmosphere, number of guests) and left the rest in Janis' hands. All of our requests were met and more! The party was very well planned out. All the details were taken care of (i.e. venue, menu, centrepieces, games, music, etc.). The entire event went very smoothly and without a hitch. Not only were we very impressed with the outcome in its entirety, all of our guests were ... and still are, raving about how much they really enjoyed everything about our engagement party."


--- Ethel and Eric

"I was planning for my son's 9th birthday but had no idea what to do as it was also last minute...that's when Janis stepped in and started searching for different venues according to my budget and location.  She was amazing in doing her research as she had so many suggestions based on what a 9 year old would be interested in, and with the information provided.  In the end, we chose a rollerskating place where the kids ended up having so much fun!!  Thanks Janis for all your help!!!"


--- Jennifer

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